About us

InteractiveStudios Inc. is an energetic, creative, and passionate group of technology savvy professionals with extensive backgrounds in design, programming, information technology, customer relations, and marketing. We are an innovative software development company who create interactive solutions for organizations that operate large multi-building campuses for the purpose of serving a large volume of diverse visitors per day. Our mission is to create revolutionary technological breakthroughs that better the visitor experience.

InteractiveStudios Inc. is based out of Ottawa, Ontario, founded on the premise of innovation and humbleness. Company CEO, Patrick Millward worked as the hospital security guard and noticed a consistent limitation of the current traditional wayfinding system. It was then that his passion for problem solving resurfaced and began developing the digital and interactive directory, helping patients and visitors navigate through the complex infrastructure.

InteractiveStudios Inc. believes in the positive use of technology to solve everyday organizational problems. The corporate mentality is accentuated around omni channel reasoning; all touch points between the organization and user are universal and visitor focused. We believe user centric solutions are not only new and momentous, but revolutionary.